Creative Civic Change - Artist Facilitator for Community Arts Programme

So excited to be selected as one of the artists/facilitators working on this incredible community engagement arts programme.

Creative Civic Change is a community participation arts programme using arts and creativity to make positive change to communities across the UK. Supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Local Trust and Big Lottery Fund, 16 communities across the UK have been selected to work with different artists in order to explore how arts and culture can contribute towards the social change they want to bring about.

I will be working with two of those communities. 

209 Women Exhibition

So proud to have been part of this project, 209 Women!

To mark the centennial of women achieving the right to vote, the 209 Women initiative is staged an all-female portrait takeover of Parliament for 3 months. 

Since 1918 there have been 491 women MPs comparing to 4503 men. To champion the visibility of women in politics and the arts, we  replaced the existing portraits of MP’s in parliament (mostly of men made by other men) with 209 portraits of female MPs, taken by 209 incredible female photographers.

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Whitechapel Gallery and Siobhan Davies Dance Youth Programmes Collaboration

Invited by the Whitechapel gallery to devise and run a three day workshop across two sites for young people from Whitechapel Gallery’s Youth Programme and Siobhan Davies Dance Young Artist Advisory Group to explore collaborative modes of working on the theme of
private and public space. Inspired by the work of Elmgreen & Dragset at Whitechapel Gallery.

Presenting at Brighton Photo Bienal 2018

Presenting and discussing my work at the open photo forums on the 13th October 2018, at the Brighton Photography Biennal organised by @photoworks_uk. Photo forums are free and there is no need to book. Open Forum’ events are on Saturday 6, Saturday 13 and Saturday 27 October. During these sessions artists will present projects relevant to the Brighton Biennial theme, ‘A New Europe’ and share ideas in an open group discussion and Q&A. 

209 Women Project

Delighted to be elected to be one of the photographers for 209 women project. ‘209 Women’ is a national artist-led project that aims to champion the visibility of women, particularly in male-dominated environments. This campaign supports 209 women photographers across the UK to make portraits of women MPs. The 209 exhibition will in Westminster from 14th December to February 2019 and in Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool.

FAMILY OF NO MAN - Arles, Cosmos

Delighted to have work exhibited in an exhibition that brought together 494 female and inter-gender artists from all around the world working in the medium of photography. The aim of this radical curatorial proposition was to revisit Edward Steichen’s original The Family of Man, a seminal photographic exhibition and publication from 1955, which in its time was described “as one of the most ambitious undertakings in an art museum”.

University of Oxford - Moving Beyond Critique Conference

Presenting on a 2 day conference organised by the Department of Criminology, University of Oxford amongst an international group of artists, scholars, policy-makers, practitioners, activists and lawyers to Oxford to discuss strategies and hopes for change in immigration policy. 

London School of Ecomonics Presentation

Delighted to present and and discuss my work in a week-long seminar on ethics and methodology related to refugee related research, at the London School of Economics.

The System of Systems Exhibition - Documenta 2017

No Man’s Land exhibited in Athens during Documenta. The System of Systems is an exhibition interrogating how political powers are using technologies in bureaucratic systems to determine the fate of asylum seekers in Europe.

Here, Now. A solo exhibition at the Horniman Museum, London

A collaborative photography project developed was commissioned by Horniman Museum in partnership with the Southwark Day Centre for Asylum Seekers. The project was a year long collaboration with a group of newly settled asylum seekers in Southwark, London

At a time when the media presents only one narrative about refugees, this project aimed to

tell another side of the story by illustrating individuals’ different experiences of migration to

South East London.

Cover Story in The Guardian!

No Man’s Land became a cover story on Guardian’s G2 magazine and a highlight on the Guardian Website!

Dis/placed Exhibition

What an experience it was to be part of Dis/placed, a week-long programme of events, featuring over 40 artists responding to global demographic shifts and unprecedented levels of human displacement.

Learning Lab

 Presenting and discussing No Man’s Land, as part of the Learning Lab programme at Autograph ABP, with Counterpoints Arts.

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